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Queensland Court & Gardens


ClientSouthside Housing Association

StatusFull detailed Planning application consented

A landscape green infrastructure retrofit around two 19 storey flats comprising improved emergency access, more balanced provision of parking, introduction of toddler play, adventurous play, community gardens and potential for food growing, cycle parking storage and raingardens, swales.

This is in partnership with Glasgow city council flood reduction strategy, where rainwater management on site will alleviate burden on city sewer system that is getting closer to capacity.

To create the main raingarden feature we met with younger members of the community, along with the Green Action Trust (formerly CSGNT) at an event to talk about the concept of sustainable drainage and specifically raingardens, and how we might bring creativity into the proposals for the park. We encouraged the children to use clay to form different ribbon channel profiles that could be tested to see the effect of water running through them, mimicking nature when water flows through soft soil or sand. This became the inspiration for a bespoke water feature and with the site wide intention to collect rain water from the roofs via downpipes of each block and dissipate them into the Swales, we will re-direct the water from one of the downpipes into a bespoke feature.

With a clear brief from residents of their aspirations for the park we explored the details of each individual space further. With the formation of the basin and swales, there is excavated soil that we wanted to keep on site to reduce waste. To that end, we are introducing significant areas of small rolling hills to add to the playful aspect of each space, particularly for wheeling, skating and running up and down. Retention of the multi use games pitch has also meant that reprofiling around what is currently a flat area, would provide elevated viewing areas around the pitch for spectating.

New green roofed cycle stores will provide securing cycle storage and support active travel, and lushly planted gardens will provide a new socialising space for older residents next to the community room adjoining that entrance.