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Queens Quay


ClientClydeside Regeneration Ltd

StatusUnder Construction

John Brown’s Shipyard has a special place in the history of Clyde shipbuilding. With the Titan Crane still towering overhead, this disused yard and fitting-out basin is of A-Listed status as the birthplace of many of the great liners and warships of the past century, including the Queen Mary, QEI & II, and Royal Navy battlecruiser HMS Hood.

Currently vacant and inaccessible due to structural instability, the site now separates the town of Clydebank from the Clyde and Crane which once helped it thrive.

Our consented masterplan design celebrates the industrial heritage of the site and seeks to re-engage the town and it's people with both the site and the waterfront. Key street linkages are aligned with views to the Titan Crane, and a new linear park and walkway animates the riverside. The centre-piece of the development is the old fitting out basin, re-imagined whilst retaining it's strong industrial character and aesthetic to provide both a fitting commemoration and tribute to the past, and a vibrant and accessible public space for the future.

With the Phase 1 infrastructure works, (including the main spine road through the development, the public realm works to the fitting out basin, and the riverside linear walkway,) all currently under construction, our masterplan implementation has also enabled the development of a Care Home (near completion); Health Centre (starting on site this year); and retail and residential units (also starting on site this year) to inhabit the site, with additional plots available for further development.

For updates on this project, please visit the project website.

Scottish Archives photograph showing QE2 at John Brown's Shipyard, Queens Quay

Bespoke StreetLife Podium based on exact position and dimensions of historic crane pad base

Bespoke corten ring based on exact position and dimensions of historic crane pad base

In progress: view of Titan Crane with new public realm and lush planting in the foreground. Street furniture yet to be installed.

Landscape masterplan

Sketch view of early proposals for public realm around Titan Crane

National Archives photograph of HMS Hood in the fitting-out basin

Photograph of Titan Crane pre-development, showing existing dock features to be retained as street furniture in foreground

Sketch view of early proposals from base of Titan Crane

Panoramic photo of fitting-out basin and Titan Crane before development commenced